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General Information and Affiliation Certification

All of the online audio lecture courses are presented by Seminary faculty with earned doctorates in theology and related disciplines.

Each online audio lecture course includes a Multiple Choice Test. The tests are “open book” format. This means you are allowed to listen to the lectures as often as necessary to arrive at your answers for the questions. No textbooks are required. The Bible will be used for information.

The Institute President, or a person assigned as a test monitor, will evaluate your Multiple Choice Test. This qualifies you to receive the Diploma from Trinity College of the Bible verifying that you have completed the course. The Bible Institute awards the Diploma, which also displays the name of the Bible Institute.

Eight course Diplomas qualify you to be awarded Master Teacher Certification for the eight courses you completed. The Institute President will order the Master Teacher Certificate and award it to you.

Sixteen course Diplomas qualify you to be awarded the Associate in Biblical Studies from Trinity College of the Bible. The Institute President must make this recommendation to the Trinity College of the Bible faculty.

This Bible Institute is certified to offer online courses as an Affiliated Bible Institute of Trinity College of the Bible, Evansville, IN.

Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, with its campus located in Evansville, Indiana U.S.A, has been providing the highest quality biblical education to distance education students since 1969. There are currently more than 3,000 students worldwide, who are studying to earn online degrees from the B.A. through the Ph.D.

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